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Each Business Start-Up is different. Every State's requirements vary. ONE Company gets the whole picture... Corporate Minutes, Inc.

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We are experienced and knowledgeable in the gathering, deciphering, organizing and assembling of information in a manner conducive to obtaining Certification approval.

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After incorporating in Illinois or any other state, contact us to maintain your corporate minutes from the start. Only then, will your business start-up provide the protection you want and need.

Compliance is Key

Is your Business in Good Standing?  Let our expertise help eliminate the worry and frustration of keeping up with ever-changing requirements. Let CMI be YOUR full business resource.

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CPAs, Accountants and Financial Service firms have found a service organization that provides the level of personalized service and client communication they can trust!

-Bruce J.
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Why bother TRYING to keep up with the deadlines of ALL the states in which you operate? Outsourcing the responsibility to a highly dependable and knowledgeable firm can make all the difference -- especially in your bottom line!

-Bob R., Barco Products Company
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Incorporating a new business can be a confusing and frustrating experience IF you don’t hire the right people to take care of all the details!

-Mike A.

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"Guiding business owners and entrepreneurs through the sea of compliance and required filings without heartache, confusion, or unnecessary expense is my goal. I want everyone choosing to do business with Corporate Minutes to know we truly care about their vision and want to partner with them so they have the time necessary to focus on what it is they do best...fulfilling their passion."

-Laura Wilcox, President

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Why choose Corporate Minutes, Inc.?

An entrepreneur incorporating in Illinois or elsewhere must feel confident their Business Start-Up meets Federal and State Requirements. Continuing to properly maintain an entity's corporate records is essential to ensure its owners remain protected under its corporate veil - during litigation, an audit - always. Once your Business Start-Up is complete, Corporate Minutes, Inc. will track, prepare and file all necessary paperwork to keep your corporation in good standing... in every state you conduct business... at all times.

Your Business Start-Up brings with it a unique set of rules and regulations to which a company and, YOU, its owner must adhere.

Corporate Minutes, Inc.'s experience serves as an invaluable resource to business owners who want to be proactive in remaining compliant or wish to be pursue a Women-Owned Certification or Minority-Owned Certification.

Our knowledge and expertise about your Business Start-Up, ongoing compliance needs or interest in obtaining a Women/Minority-Owned Certifications are unsurpassed in the industry.

Corporate Minutes, Inc. focuses on making sure your Business Start-up is seamless and, most importantly, designed specifically for your needs.

Adding Time & Value to Your Business

Whether you are incorporating in Illinois or any other State, ensuring every aspect of your Business Start-up is executed correctly and cost-effectively is always our goal.

Let our expertise help eliminate the worry and frustration of keeping up with ever-changing requirements. Let CMI be YOUR full business resource. Get started today!